Kentucky State Cost-Share

The Kentucky State Cost-Share program was created to assist agricultural operations in protecting the soil and water resources of Kentucky by providing financial resources for qualified practices.


The Kentucky General Assembly established this financial and technical assistance program in 1994 (Kentucky Revised Statute 146.115) allowing local conservation districts to administer funding to assist with landowners.

Priority for funding is given to solutions for animal waste-related problems, agricultural district participants, and to producers who have their Agriculture Water Quality plans on file with their local conservation districts. Funding comes from the Kentucky General Assembly through direct appropriations to the program from the Tobacco Settlement Funds and from funds provided by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Approved applicants are reimbursed at a 75% cost share rate for installing practices up to the maximum amount allowed per applicant per year. Applications may be requested at any time during the year and are ranked annually.

Practices eligible for cost-share include:

  • Agriculture & Animal Waste Control Facilities

  • Animal Waste Utilization

  • Vegetative Filter Strips

  • Integrated Crop Management

  • Pesticide Containment

  • Sinkhole Protection

  • Pasture & Hay Land Forage Quality

  • Heavy Use Area Protection

  • Rotational Grazing System Establishment

  • Water Well Protection

  • Forest Land & Crop Land Erosion Control Systems

  • Closure of Agriculture Waste Impoundment

  • On-Farm Fallen Animal Composting

  • Soil Health Management

  • Precision Nutrient Management

  • Strip Intercropping System

  • Livestock Stream Crossing

  • Riparian Area Protection

Now accepting applications!

The Jefferson County Conservation District is now accepting applications for cost share funding. If you are interested in applying, please reach out to our office for more information.